Dubai Family Visa

Dubai Family Visa

Procedure for Family Visa for Dubai
Dubai family visa – Expatriates, who hold valid employee or investor visas in UAE, can sponsor the following family members Wife, husband, Parents, and children Steps :
Collecting the documents

  • File opening
  • Entry permit
  • Change status
  • Medical typing
  • Emirates ID typing
  • Insurance
  • Stamping on your doorstep
    If you are sponsoring your parents, second wife, stepchildren, son, or daughter, required additional documents you will need to submit along with these. Apply for Dubai Family Visa | maid visa | renewal | cancel | visa stamp | for Dubai.

Outside of the Dubai Family visa members

If you have made a decision that you are sponsoring your family member to Dubai  you may proceed to receive an entry permit while your family member is out of UAE. After your family member has arrived, you can finish the rest of the process like stamping.

Inside of the Dubai Family visa members​

Your family member has arrived in Dubai with a tourist or on arrival visa and you wish to convert their visa status to Resident? This can be done without them exiting the country or doing an Oman visa run. If you are opting for without exit option you have to pay for an inside country (if Dubai entry permit which costs 1140+AED ) other emirates normal entry permit which cost 450 to 550 AED and the status change is priced at 640 AED

Dubai Family Visa Services

WE WILL TAKE CARE OF YOUR FAMILY VISA, EMPLOYMENT VISA, BUSINESS VISA, MAID VISA, from opening a new Sponsor File, applying for Entry Visa, Emirates ID, Medical, Insurance, and until Visa get stamped on your Passport. CALL 043300011 /0545820983 Email:

Dubai family visa we provide Ajman-UAE

Necessary documents required for family processing

  • Sponsor passport copy all bio pages – soft copy
  • Sponsor visa copy – soft copy
  • Sponsor Emirates ID – Original needed
  • Ejari – Soft copy
  • bank statement
  • Labor contract – Soft copy
  • Your picture – Soft copy
  • Marriage certificate ( if children birth certificate ) with attestation and translation Soft copy
  • Wife, husband, Parents, and chidden passport copy all bio pages – Soft copy
  • Wife, husband, Parents, and chidden recent color passport size photo – Soft copy

5 Types of family visas in uae

  • 1-year family visa
  • 2-years family visa
  • 3-years family visa
  • 5-years silver visa family visa
  • 10-years golden visa family visa

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