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Ajman Employment Visa Process

Welcome to Amazon Attestation and Businessmen Services Center in Ajman, your trusted partner for seamless and efficient employment visa processing. We specialize in assisting individuals and businesses in obtaining employment visas, ensuring a smooth transition and legal compliance for employees coming to work in Ajman. Below is a detailed step-by-step guide on how to proceed with your employment visa application through our center.

Ajman Employment  Visa Process

Overview of the Ajman Employment Visa

An employment visa is required for anyone who wishes to work in Ajman and the broader UAE. This visa is issued based on a valid job offer from a company registered in Ajman and requires approval from several government authorities.

Step-by-Step Process for Obtaining an Employment Visa in Ajman


Step 1: Job Offer and Contract

  • Employer Responsibilities: The employer must first submit a job offer and employment contract to the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation (MOHRE) for initial approval.

  • Employee Acknowledgment: Once approved, the job offer must be signed by the employee, acknowledging acceptance of the terms outlined in the contract.

Step 2: Work Permit Application

  • Application Submission: The employer applies for a work permit through MOHRE, submitting all required documents, including the signed job offer, employee's passport copy, photo, and relevant qualifications.

  • Approval: Upon review, MOHRE issues an initial approval for the work permit, allowing the employee to enter the UAE if they are abroad.

Step 3: Entry Permit

  • Issuance: The employee receives an entry permit, valid for 60 days, which allows them to legally enter the UAE and commence the employment visa process.

  • Status: This is typically a single-entry visa; upon entry, the next steps must be completed before it expires.

Step 4: Medical Screening

  • Testing: Once in Ajman, the employee must undergo a medical screening at a government-approved health center. This includes tests for communicable diseases.

  • Health Fitness Report: A report confirming the employee’s health status is issued. Only those declared medically fit can proceed to the next step.

Step 5: Emirates ID Registration

  • Biometrics and Registration: The employee needs to apply for an Emirates ID at an official Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship (ICA) center, where biometric details are captured.

Step 6: Labor Card and Residency Visa

  • Labor Card: The employer will apply for the labor card through MOHRE.

  • Residency Visa: Concurrently, the residency visa is processed, where the employee’s passport is stamped with a residency permit, valid for up to three years.

Step 7: Finalizing the Process

  • Receipt of Documents: The employee receives their Emirates ID, labor card, and passport with the residency visa stamped.

  • Onboarding: The employee is now legally permitted to start working and reside in Ajman.

Required Documents

To ensure a smooth application process, the following documents are typically required:

  • Valid Passport with minimum 6 months validity

  • Passport-sized photographs

  • Educational and professional certificates, duly attested

  • Health fitness certificate from approved medical center

  • Job offer and employment contract approved by MOHRE

Our team will verify the documents for compliance with UAE immigration laws.

Contact Us

For more detailed information or to schedule your initial consultation, please contact us at +97167403110 / 0545820983 or visit our service center in Ajman. At Amazon Attestation and Businessmen Services Center, we are committed to providing efficient and hassle-free visa services. Let us help you navigate the complexities of the employment visa process in the UAE.

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