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Ajman family visa

Ajman Family Visa Services: New Applications, Renewals, and Cancellations

Ajman family visa services. Whether you are an employer or an employee residing in the UAE, we offer comprehensive assistance in sponsoring family residency visas in Ajman. Our experienced team is here to guide you through the process of applying for a new family visa, renewing an existing one, or managing the cancellation process.

Our Services:

1. New Family Visa Application:

We provide end-to-end assistance in applying for a new family visa, ensuring all requirements are met for a smooth application process.

2. Family Visa Renewal:

Our services include the renewal of family visas, handling all necessary paperwork and procedures.

3. Family Visa Cancellation:

In case of a need to cancel a family visa, we manage the entire process, ensuring compliance with UAE regulations.

4. Visa Stamping:

Once your family visa is approved, we assist in the visa stamping process, ensuring your family members can legally reside in the UAE.

Ajman family visa Contact Information: 

  • Ajman Office: Call us at 067403110 Mobile : +971545820983

  • Dubai Office: Call us at 043300011 or Mobile +971565454049

  • Email:

 Ajman Family Visa: Documents Required

When applying to sponsor a family in Ajman or any other emirate, you will need to provide the following documents:

  • Salary Slip/Certificate: From your employer, confirming your income.

  • Registered Tenancy Contract: Proof of accommodation in Ajman.

  • Latest Utility Bill: To confirm your residence.

  • Marriage Certificate: Attested by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in your home country and in the UAE.

  • Attested Birth Certificates: For children being sponsored.

  • Passport Copies: Of those being sponsored, valid for at least six months.

  • Passport Size Photos: Against a white background for those being sponsored.

  • Medical Clearance Certificates: For family members as required.

  • Copy of Employment/Company Contract: To confirm your employment status in the UAE.


Why Choose Us?

  • Expert Guidance: Our team has extensive knowledge of the UAE visa process, ensuring accurate and efficient handling of your application.

  • Comprehensive Service: From document preparation to submission and follow-up, we handle every aspect of the visa process.

  • Transparent Process: We keep you informed at every step, ensuring a transparent and hassle-free experience.

  • Competitive Pricing: Our services are priced competitively, offering you the best value for expert visa assistance.

Get Started Today

Embark on your family visa application process in Ajman with confidence. Contact us at our Ajman or Dubai offices, or email us for more information. Let us help you reunite your family in the UAE with ease and efficiency.

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