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Dubai Family Visa

Dubai Family Visa Services: Your Pathway to Uniting Your Family in Dubai

Welcome to amazon attestation and businessmen services center where we specialize in facilitating the Dubai Family Visa process for expatriates. If you're an expat in the UAE with a valid employee or investor visa, you can sponsor your family members, including your spouse, children, and parents, to join you in Dubai. Our expert team is here to guide you through each step, ensuring a smooth and stress-free experience.

Steps for Obtaining a Dubai Family Visa

1. Collecting the Documents

Gather all necessary documents, including passports, marriage certificates, birth certificates, and proof of employment or investment in the UAE.

2. File Opening

We assist in opening a new sponsor file, which is the first step in the visa application process.

3. Entry Permit

Apply for an entry permit for your family members, whether they are outside or inside the UAE.

4. Change Status

For family members already in Dubai on a tourist or on-arrival visa, we can help change their visa status to a resident without exiting the country.

5. Medical Typing

We facilitate the medical examination process required for the visa application.

6. Emirates ID Typing

Our team assists in the application process for the Emirates ID, a mandatory identification card in the UAE.

7. Insurance

We guide you in choosing the appropriate health insurance plan for your family members.

8. Stamping on Your Doorstep

Finally, we ensure the visa is stamped on your family members' passports, completing the process.

Additional Documents for Special Cases

If you are sponsoring parents, a second wife, stepchildren, sons, or daughters, additional documents will be required. Our team will inform you of the specific requirements for these cases.

Outside of the Dubai Family Visa Members

If your family member is outside the UAE, we can obtain an entry permit for them. Once they arrive in Dubai, we will complete the remaining steps, such as visa stamping.

Inside of the Dubai Family Visa Members

For family members already in Dubai, we offer a convenient option to convert their tourist or on-arrival visa to a resident visa without the need for them to exit the country.

Our Comprehensive Services

At amazon attestation and businessmen services center we handle every aspect of the family visa process, including:

  • Opening a new Sponsor File

  • Applying for Entry Visa

  • Emirates ID application

  • Medical and Insurance procedures

  • Visa stamping on your passport

We also offer services for employment visas, business visas, maid visas, visa renewals, and cancellations.

Contact Us

Ready to reunite with your family in Dubai? Contact us at 043300011 / 0545820983 or email us at Our team at amazon attestation and businessmen services center is committed to making the Dubai Family Visa process seamless and efficient for you and your loved ones.

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