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Ajman Trade License Renewal Services

Streamline Your Business Continuity in Ajman

Welcome to our dedicated service for Ajman Trade License Renewal. Understanding the importance of keeping your business compliant and operational, we offer a streamlined process to renew your trade license in Ajman efficiently and hassle-free.

Why is Timely Renewal Important?

Our Trade License Renewal Services

  1. Document Preparation: We assist in gathering and preparing all necessary documents required for the renewal process.

  2. Submission and Processing: Our team handles the submission of your renewal application to the relevant Ajman authorities, ensuring all formalities are correctly fulfilled.

  3. Liaison with Authorities: We communicate and coordinate with the Department of Economic Development (DED) in Ajman and other relevant entities on your behalf.

  4. Payment of Fees: We guide you through the payment process of the renewal fees, ensuring transparency and accuracy.

  5. Collection of Renewed License: Once renewed, we assist in the collection of your updated trade license.

Steps for Renewing Your Trade License in Ajman

  1. Ensure Valid Tenancy Contract: Your business's tenancy contract must be valid and attested for the renewal period.

  2. Prepare Required Documents: This includes your current trade license, passport copies of business owners, NOC (if applicable), and other relevant documents.

  3. Submit Application: We will submit your renewal application along with all necessary documents to the Ajman DED.

  4. Pay Renewal Fees: After application approval, the required fees need to be paid to receive the renewed license.

  5. Receive Your Renewed License: Collect your renewed trade license and continue your business operations seamlessly.

Contact Us for Assistance


For a smooth and worry-free Ajman trade license renewal, contact us:

Let us handle the complexities of license renewal while you focus on growing your business in Ajman.

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