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Document Attestation Services in Abu Dhabi

Welcome to Amazon Attestation and Businessmen Service Center, your trusted partner for comprehensive document attestation services in Abu Dhabi. We specialize in the attestation of educational, personal, and commercial documents, ensuring they are recognized and accepted for various official purposes in the UAE and abroad.

Education Document Attestation

We provide attestation services for a wide range of educational documents, essential for employment, further education, or immigration purposes in Abu Dhabi:

  • Degree Certificate Attestation

  • Diploma Certificate Attestation

  • Master Degree Attestation

  • Marksheet Attestation

  • Transcript Certificate Attestation

  • Engineering Degree Attestation

  • Pharmacy Certificate Attestation

  • Nursing Certificate Attestation

Personal Document Attestation

Our services extend to the attestation of personal documents, ensuring their authenticity for legal and administrative use:

  • Birth Certificate Attestation

  • Bonafide Certificate Attestation

  • Death Certificate Attestation

  • Divorce Certificate Attestation

  • Experience Certificate Attestation

  • Marriage Certificate Attestation

  • Medical Certificate Attestation

  • Single Status Certificate Attestation

Commercial Document Attestation

We assist businesses in Abu Dhabi with the attestation of commercial documents, a crucial step for international trade and business transactions:

  • Export Invoice Attestation

  • Packaging List Attestation

  • Certificate of Origin Attestation

  • Certificate of Incorporation Attestation

  • Chemical Analysis Report Attestation

  • Physical Analysis Report Attestation

  • Memorandum of Association Attestation

  • Article of Association Attestation

Other Services in Abu dhbai

In addition to document attestation, we offer a range of other legalization services to meet your diverse needs:

  • Embassy Attestation

  • MOFA (Ministry of Foreign Affairs) Attestation

  • Translation Services

  • Visa Stamping Services

  • Short Term Visa Services

  • Passport Assistance

  • Chamber of Commerce Attestation

  • Police Clearance Certificate Attestation

Why Choose Amazon Attestation and Businessmen Service Center?

  • Expertise: Our team has extensive knowledge and experience in handling various types of document attestation.

  • Efficiency: We ensure a smooth and timely attestation process, minimizing delays and complications.

  • Convenience: Offering free pick-up and delivery service all over the UAE.

  • Transparency: We maintain the highest level of transparency in our costs and services.

For all your certificate or document attestation needs by the embassy, consulate, and MOFA in Abu Dhabi, UAE, contact Amazon Attestation and Businessmen Service Center. Let us handle the complexities of document attestation while you focus on your personal and professional goals.

Contact Us:

Trust Amazon Attestation and Businessmen Service Center for reliable and efficient document attestation services in Abu Dhabi.

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