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Certificate Attestation Services for UAE

Ensuring Your Certificates are Globally Recognized

Welcome to Amazon Attestation, your professional ally in certificate attestation for the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Whether you're moving to the UAE for work, study, or family reasons, having your certificates attested is a crucial step in validating their authenticity for use in the UAE. Our team is dedicated to providing a smooth and efficient attestation process for a variety of certificates, including educational, personal, and commercial documents.

Certificate Attestation in uae

Our Attestation Services

Document Attestation Service in Dubai, Ajman, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah. Attest Documents from UAE Embassy. MOFA & UAE Embassy Attestation in uae. birth, marriage, Pcc, Diploma, Degree Certificate and business documents...

1. Educational Certificate Attestation:

We handle the attestation of degrees, diplomas, and other academic documents essential for employment or further studies in the UAE.

2. Personal Document Attestation:

This includes attestation of birth certificates, marriage certificates, and other personal documents required for visa processing and other legal purposes.

3. Commercial Document Attestation:

We assist in the attestation of business-related documents like company agreements, financial statements, and power of attorney.

The Attestation Process

Document Verification:

We start by verifying the originality of your certificates to ensure they meet the UAE attestation requirements.


Where necessary, certificates are notarized in the country of origin to confirm their authenticity.

Foreign Affairs Attestation:

The certificates are attested by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the country of origin.

UAE Embassy Attestation:

Following this, the UAE embassy or consulate in the country of origin attests the certificates.

MOFA Attestation in UAE:

Finally, the certificates undergo attestation by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the UAE.

Why Choose Amazon Attestation?

  • Expertise and Experience: Our team has extensive knowledge of the attestation requirements and processes for the UAE.

  • Efficient and Reliable Service: We are committed to providing a fast and hassle-free attestation service.

  • Global Reach: No matter where you are, we can assist with the attestation of certificates from various countries for use in the UAE.

  • Customer Support: We offer continuous updates on your attestation process and are available for any queries.

  • Contact Us:

    For all your certificate attestation needs for the UAE, contact Amazon Attestation:

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