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Professional, Commercial, and Industrial Company License Formation in Dubai and Ajman, UAE

Dubai and Ajman, two of the most dynamic emirates in the UAE, offer a fertile ground for businesses across various sectors. Whether you're looking to establish a professional consultancy, a commercial enterprise, or an industrial unit, understanding the nuances of company license formation in these regions is crucial. This blog delves into the key aspects of obtaining professional, commercial, and industrial licenses in Dubai and Ajman.

Professional License Formation in Dubai and Ajman

What is a Professional License? A professional license is required for individuals or companies that offer expertise-based services, such as consultants, lawyers, auditors, or healthcare providers.

Key Steps for Obtaining a Professional License:

  1. Define Your Business Activity: Clearly outline the professional services you intend to offer.

  2. Choose a Legal Form: Decide whether you'll operate as a sole proprietorship or a civil company.

  3. Obtain Approvals: Depending on your profession, you may need approvals from relevant authorities or professional bodies.

  4. Register Your Trade Name and Apply for the License: Submit your application along with the necessary documents to the Department of Economic Development (DED) in Dubai or Ajman.

Commercial License Formation:

What is a Commercial License? A commercial license is essential for companies engaged in trading activities, be it buying, selling, or exchanging goods and services.

Steps to Acquire a Commercial License:

  1. Business Plan: Develop a comprehensive business plan detailing your commercial activities.

  2. Select a Business Structure: Choose an appropriate structure, such as a Limited Liability Company (LLC) or a partnership.

  3. Trade Name Registration: Register your business name with the DED.

  4. Apply for the License: Submit your application along with the required documents and obtain approvals from relevant authorities.

Industrial License Formation

What is an Industrial License? An industrial license is required for businesses involved in manufacturing or industrial activities in Dubai and Ajman.

Process of Obtaining an Industrial License:

  1. Identify Your Industry: Clearly define the type of manufacturing or industrial activity you plan to undertake.

  2. Find a Location: Choose an appropriate location, considering factors like logistics and environmental impact.

  3. Obtain Necessary Approvals: Secure approvals from the Ministry of Economy and other relevant authorities.

  4. License Application: Submit your application to the DED with all required documents and approvals.

Why Dubai and Ajman?

  • Strategic Location: Both emirates offer strategic locations with access to major shipping routes and airports.

  • Business-Friendly Environment: The UAE is known for its business-friendly policies, including tax exemptions and no currency restrictions.

  • State-of-the-Art Infrastructure: Modern infrastructure supports a wide range of business activities.


Setting up a business in Dubai or Ajman can be a lucrative venture. However, navigating the process of company license formation requires thorough planning and understanding of local regulations. Whether it’s a professional, commercial, or industrial license, each has its unique set of requirements and procedures.

For expert assistance in company license formation in Dubai and Ajman, consider reaching out to professional business setup consultants who can guide you through the process, ensuring a smooth and successful business establishment in the UAE or you can call us at +971545820984

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